Class Quota

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable, Nameable, Removable, SystemItem

public class Quota
extends BasicItem
implements Nameable, SystemItem, Removable
This class is used to represent disk quota settings for users and groups. All users must have a quota that can be either assigned directly to the user or via a group where the user is a member.

Quota can be specified as a total for all types/locations, or with individual settings for each type/location.

Quota is handled like this:

  1. A DiskConsumable item tells BASE about the number of bytes, type of quota and location of the item.
  2. BASE (via the OwnedItem creates a DiskUsage item to hold that information and links it with the Quota for the owner of the DiskConsumable item.
  3. If the quota is exceeded, BASE will throw a QuotaException.
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  • Field Details

    • TYPE

      public static final Item TYPE
      The type of item represented by this class.
      See Also:
      ITEM.QUOTA, getType()

      public static final String DEFAULT
      The ID for the system default quota, which is assigned to new users unless another quota is specified.
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      Constant Field Values

      public static final String UNRESTRICTED
      The ID for the unrestricted quota, which gives users unlimited disk space.
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      Constant Field Values

      public static final long UNLIMITED
      Quota is unlimited.
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      Constant Field Values

      public static final long UNDEFINED
      Quota is is not defined.
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      Constant Field Values

      private static final QueryRuntimeFilter RUNTIME_FILTER
      This filter will only return the logged in user's quota unless the logged in user has generic read permission.
  • Constructor Details

    • Quota

      Quota​(QuotaData data)
      Create a new Quota item.
      data - The data class for this item.
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