Interface DiskConsumable

All Superinterfaces:
AccessControlled, Controlled, Identifiable, Ownable
All Known Implementing Classes:
Experiment, File, RawBioAssay

public interface DiskConsumable
extends Controlled, Ownable
This interface is implemented by items that can use a lot of disk space. This interface directs the DbControl object to check the logged in users quota before saving or updating items.
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$Date: 2009-04-06 14:52:39 +0200 (må, 06 apr 2009) $
  • Method Details

    • useDifference

      boolean useDifference()
      If this item reports the difference in used bytes or the absolute number.
      TRUE if the item reports the difference, FALSE if it reports the absolute
      See Also:
      getBytes(), getDifference()
    • getBytes

      long getBytes()
      Get the absolute number of bytes this item uses. All items must report this number.
      The absolute number of bytes the item uses
      See Also:
      useDifference(), getDifference()
    • getDifference

      long getDifference()
      Get the number of bytes this items now is using compared to when it was loaded from the database. This number may be negative if the item is now using less bytes than before. An item doesn't have to report this value if useDifference() returns FALSE.
      The difference in bytes between now and when the item was loaded, or 0 if this item doesn't report differences
    • getLocation

      Location getLocation()
      Get the Location the items is stored at.
      The location
    • getQuotaTypeSystemId

      String getQuotaTypeSystemId()
      Get the QuotaType system id of this item. It is not allowed to return the QuotaType.TOTAL quota type.
      The systemid of the QuotaType