Interface Nameable

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AccessControlled, Identifiable
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AnnotatedItem, AnnotationType, AnnotationTypeCategory, AnyToAny, ArrayBatch, ArrayDesign, ArraySlide, BioAssay, BioAssaySet, BioMaterial, BioPlate, BioPlateEvent, BioPlateEventType, BioPlateType, BioSource, Client, CommonItem, DataFileType, DerivedBioAssay, Directory, Experiment, Extract, ExtraValueType, File, FileServer, Formula, Group, Hardware, Help, ItemList, ItemSubtype, Job, JobAgent, Kit, MeasuredBioMaterial, Message, MimeType, News, PermissionTemplate, PhysicalBioAssay, Plate, PlateEventType, PlateGeometry, PlateMapping, PlateType, Platform, PlatformVariant, PluginConfiguration, PluginDefinition, PluginType, Project, Protocol, Quantity, Quota, QuotaType, RawBioAssay, ReporterCloneTemplate, ReporterList, ReporterType, Role, RoleKey, RootRawBioAssay, Sample, Software, SyncFilter, Tag, Transformation, Unit, User, UserDevice

public interface Nameable extends Identifiable
A Nameable item is an item that has a name and description. The NameableUtil class provides methods that includes data validation to make it easy to implement this interface.

Reference implementation

public String getName()
   return getData().getName();
public void setName(String name)
   throws PermissionDeniedException, InvalidDataException
   NameableUtil.setName(getData(), name);
public String getDescription()
   return getData().getDescription();
public void setDescription(String description)
   throws PermissionDeniedException, InvalidDataException
   NameableUtil.setDescription(getData(), description);
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