Class Group

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable, Nameable, Registered, Removable, SystemItem

public class Group extends BasicItem implements Nameable, Removable, SystemItem, Registered
This class is used to represent groups. Groups are used in the permission system to make it possible for a user to share items with other users.

Groups are intended to represent the actual organisation of a company/organisation. For example a top-level group "The company" may contain the sub-groups "Sales", "Marketing" and "Research". Individual users should be added to the sub-groups only.

BASE comes with the predefined group Everyone, which cannot contain any members, except that the permission system works as if everyone is a member.

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      public static final Item TYPE
      The type of item represented by this class.
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      public static final String EVERYONE
      The id of the Everyone group where all users are (virtual) members.
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      private static final QueryRuntimeFilter RUNTIME_FILTER
      This filter will limit a query to only return groups where the logged in user is a member unless the logged in user has generic read permission.
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