Interface SystemItem

All Superinterfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable
All Known Implementing Classes:
BioPlateEventType, Directory, Group, ItemSubtype, Quantity, Quota, QuotaType, Role, User

public interface SystemItem extends Identifiable
A SystemItem is an item which has an additional systemwide unique id in the form of string. A system id is required when we need to make sure that we can get a specific item without knowing the numeric id. Example of such items are the root user and the everyone group.

Items with a system id can only be created during installation and cannot be removed.

Reference implementation

public String getSystemId()
   return getData().getSystemId();
public boolean isSystemItem()
   return getSystemId() != null;
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  • Field Details


      static final int MAX_SYSTEM_ID_LENGTH
      The maximum length of the system ID that can be stored in the database.
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  • Method Details

    • getSystemId

      String getSystemId()
      Get the system id for the item.
      The id of the item or null if it is not a system item
    • isSystemItem

      boolean isSystemItem()
      Check if the item is a system item or not. A system item have a non-null value for the system id.
      TRUE if this item is a system item, FALSE otherwise