Class RoleKey

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable, Nameable

public class RoleKey
extends Key
implements Nameable
This class is used to represent a role key. A role key is, as the name suggests, a key that can be given to roles.

A BASE installation comes with a default set of role keys, one for every type of item. The keys cannot be deleted and no new ones can be created. The id of a role key for an item can be found by calling SystemItems.getRoleKeyId(Item).

The permission given to a role is applied to all items of the type that the role key is valid for. The following example code will give all users the permission to create samples.

Role r = Role.getById(dbControl, Role.USER);
RoleKey rk = RoleKey.getById(dbControl, SystemItems.getRoleKeyId(Item.SAMPLE));
rk.setPermission(r, Permission.CREATE);
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