Class PlateMapping

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable, Nameable, Ownable, Registered, Removable, Shareable

public class PlateMapping
extends CommonItem
implements Registered
This class represents a mapping from one plate geometry to another. Given one or more plates of some specific geometry, a mapping creates one or more new plates of some other or the same geometry. The new plates and their wells will be linked to the plates and wells they were created from.

A mapping is specified by a set of source/destination coordinate pairs. A coordinate is specified by plate number, row and column. With this information it is possible to pick wells from the source plates and link them to wells on the destination plates.

It is not required that the mapping is complete, ie. contains a mapping for each destination coordinate. Such destination wells will be marked as empty. A destination coordinate may only be mapped to one source coordinate, but it is possible that one source coordinate is mapped to several destination coordinates.

See Also:
Plate, PlateGeometry
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