Class BioAssay

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Annotatable, Identifiable, Nameable

public class BioAssay
extends ChildItem
implements Nameable, Annotatable
Represents the current intensities of raw data after some transformation has been applied to it. Usually a single bioassay represents the data from a single RawBioAssay but it is also possible that a transformation has merged several bioassays into a single one.

Bioassays are created by one of the BioAssaySet.newRootBioAssay(Collection), BioAssaySet.newBioAssay(BioAssay) or BioAssaySet.newBioAssay(Collection). Which one to use depends on the relationship to it's parents. Bioassays can only be created if the bioassayset hasn't been committed to the database.

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