Class ExtraValue

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, FileStoreEnabled, Identifiable

public class ExtraValue
extends ChildItem
implements FileStoreEnabled
Represents extra values attached to a BioAssaySet. The type of extra values are defined by the ExtraValueType. The insertion of extra values is done using batchers, created by calling either BioAssaySet.getSpotExtraValueBatcher(Class, ExtraValueType, Job) or BioAssaySet.getPositionExtraValueBatcher(Class, ExtraValueType, Job). Only one set of extra values of the same ExtraValueType are allowed in a bioassayset.
See Also:
SpotExtraValueBatcher, PositionExtraValueBatcher
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    • ExtraValue

      ExtraValue​(ExtraValueData data)
      Creates a new extra value item from the given data.
      data - the data
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