Class ExtraValueJoin

All Implemented Interfaces:
Join, QueryElement

class ExtraValueJoin
extends Object
implements Join
Represents a join to an extra value in a dynamic query: leftTable JOIN extraValueTable ON ...

This class is used by, for example, DynamicSpotQuery.joinExtraValue(ExtraValue, JoinType) to create the Join query element that is needed. After the extra value has been join it can be used in expressions in the query.

See Also:
ExtraValueExpression, Dynamic.extraValue(ExtraValue)
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    • ExtraValueJoin

      ExtraValueJoin​(ExtraValue extraValue, JoinType joinType)
      Create a new join using the root entity table as the left table. SELECT ... FROM rootTable JOIN extraValueTable.

      The extra value table and which columns should be used in the join is found by examining the extra value properties, ie. value type and coordinate type.

      extraValue - The extra value to join
      joinType - The type of join
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