Class DynamicExtraValueQuery

All Implemented Interfaces:
ClonableReporterQuery, Query, SqlQuery

public class DynamicExtraValueQuery
extends DynamicQuery
Represents a query for extra values in the dynamic database. A single query object may query against data in one bioassayset at a time.

This type of query is executed by the AbstractSqlQuery.iterate(DbControl) method and returns the result as a DynamicResultIterator.

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    • defaultSelects

      private final Select[] defaultSelects
  • Constructor Details

    • DynamicExtraValueQuery

      DynamicExtraValueQuery​(DataCube cube, VirtualTable rootTable, VirtualColumn... defaultSelects)
      Create a new dynamic query.
      cube - The cube to query against
      rootTable - The root table of the query
      defaultSelects - The columns in the root table that are selected by default if no other selections are specfied before the query is executed
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