Class ExtraValueData

All Implemented Interfaces:
FileStoreEnabledData, IdentifiableData

public class ExtraValueData
extends BasicData
implements FileStoreEnabledData
This represents the use of extra values that have been calculated for a bioassayset. Each bioassay set may only have one extra value of each type.
See Also:
ExtraValue, Developer documentation: Experiments and analysis
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$Date: 2014-06-10 13:27:02 +0200 (ti, 10 jun 2014) $
Hibernate: class
table="`ExtraValues`" lazy="false"
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ExtraValueData

      public ExtraValueData()
  • Method Details

    • getFileSet

      public FileSetData getFileSet()
      Description copied from interface: FileStoreEnabledData
      Get the file set attached to this item.
      Specified by:
      getFileSet in interface FileStoreEnabledData
      A FileSetData object or null if no files are attached
    • setFileSet

      public void setFileSet​(FileSetData fileSet)
      Description copied from interface: FileStoreEnabledData
      Attach a file set to the item. Null is allowed to unlink it.
      Specified by:
      setFileSet in interface FileStoreEnabledData
    • getBioAssaySet

      public BioAssaySetData getBioAssaySet()
      Get the bioassayset this extra value belongs to.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`bioassayset_id`" not-null="true" outer-join="false" update="false" unique-key="ExtraValue_uniqueextravalue"
    • setBioAssaySet

      public void setBioAssaySet​(BioAssaySetData bioAssaySet)
    • getExtraValueType

      public ExtraValueTypeData getExtraValueType()
      Get the type of this extra value.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`extravaluetype_id`" not-null="true" outer-join="false" update="false" unique-key="ExtraValue_uniqueextravalue"
    • setExtraValueType

      public void setExtraValueType​(ExtraValueTypeData extraValueType)
    • getDataCubeExtraValue

      public DataCubeExtraValueData getDataCubeExtraValue()
      Get the data cube extra value where the extra values are stored.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`datacubeextravalue_id`" not-null="true" outer-join="false" update="false" cascade="save-update"
    • setDataCubeExtraValue

      public void setDataCubeExtraValue​(DataCubeExtraValueData dataCubeExtraValue)
    • getNumValues

      public int getNumValues()
      The number of extra values that have been inserted.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`values`" type="int" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setNumValues

      public void setNumValues​(int numValues)
    • getNumFileValues

      public int getNumFileValues()
      The number of extra values that are stored in files.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`file_values`" type="int" not-null="true"
    • setNumFileValues

      public void setNumFileValues​(int numFileValues)
    • getJob

      public JobData getJob()
      Get the job that was used to execute this calculate this extra value. Null is allowed.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`job_id`" not-null="false" outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setJob

      public void setJob​(JobData job)