Interface Ownable

All Superinterfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable
All Known Subinterfaces:
DiskConsumable, Shareable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AnnotatedItem, AnnotationType, AnnotationTypeCategory, ArrayBatch, ArrayDesign, ArraySlide, BioMaterial, BioPlate, BioPlateEvent, BioSource, Client, CommonItem, DerivedBioAssay, Directory, Experiment, Extract, File, FileServer, Formula, Hardware, ItemList, Job, JobAgent, Kit, MeasuredBioMaterial, OwnedItem, PermissionTemplate, PhysicalBioAssay, Plate, PlateMapping, PlateType, PluginConfiguration, PluginDefinition, Project, Protocol, RawBioAssay, ReporterCloneTemplate, ReporterList, Sample, SharedItem, Software, Tag

public interface Ownable extends Identifiable
An Ownable item is an item which has a User as its owner. The OwnableUtil class provides methods that includes data validation to make it easy to implement this interface.

Reference implementation

public User getOwner()
   throws PermissionDeniedException, BaseException
   return getDbControl().getItem(User.class, getData().getOwner());
public void setOwner(User owner)
   throws PermissionDeniedException, InvalidDataException
   OwnableUtil.setOwner(getData(), owner);
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