Class PlatformFileType

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable, UsableDataFileType

public class PlatformFileType
extends BasicChildItem
implements UsableDataFileType
This class represents a specific DataFileType that is part of a platform.
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$Date: 2015-05-12 11:27:08 +0200 (ti, 12 maj 2015) $
  • Field Details

    • TYPE

      public static final Item TYPE
      The type of item represented by this class.
      See Also:
      Item.PLATFORMFILETYPE, getType()

      private static final QueryRuntimeFilter RUNTIME_FILTER
      This filter will only return items if the logged in user has generic read permission to platforms.
  • Constructor Details

    • PlatformFileType

      PlatformFileType​(PlatformFileTypeData data)
      Creates a new member item from the given data.
      data - the data.
  • Method Details

    • getNew

      static PlatformFileType getNew​(DbControl dc, Platform platform, PlatformVariant variant, DataFileType fileType)
      Create a new item linking a file type to a platform/variant.
      platform - The platform
      variant - The variant (optional)
      fileType - The file type
    • getById

      Get a PlatformFileType object when you know the ID.
      dc - The DbControl which will be used for permission checking and database access.
      id - The ID of the item to load
      The PlatformFileType item
      ItemNotFoundException - If an item with the specified ID is not found
      PermissionDeniedException - If the logged in user doesn't have Permission.READ permission to the item
      BaseException - If there is another error
    • getQuery

      public static ItemQuery<PlatformFileType> getQuery​(Platform platform, PlatformVariant variant, boolean restrict)
      Get the file types that have been registered for a specific platform and variant. If the restrict parameter is TRUE the query will be restricted to return fewer items. It works like this:
      • It has no meaning if both platform and variant is null
      • If variant is null, the query will return file types the platform and all variants if restrict=false. If restrict=true the query will only return items registered directly with the platform
      • If variant isn't null, the query will return file types that have been registered for that variant plus file types registered with the platform if restrict=false. If restrict=true the query will only return file types registered for that particular variant.
      Note! If a variant is given but no platform, the platform will automatically be set from the variant.
      platform - A platform object or null to return items for all platforms
      variant - A platform variant or null to return items for all variants
      restrict - Indicates if the query should be restricted to inlcude fewer items
      A query returning PlatformFileType items
    • getData

      Description copied from class: BasicItem
      Get the BasicData object that holds all data for this item.
      Specified by:
      getData in class BasicItem
    • getType

      public Item getType()
      Description copied from interface: Identifiable
      Get the type of item represented by the object. The returned value is one of the values defined in the Item enumeration.
      Specified by:
      getType in interface Identifiable
      A value indicating the type of item
    • getParentType

      Item getParentType()
      Description copied from class: BasicChildItem
      Get the type of item that is the parent of this item.
      Specified by:
      getParentType in class BasicChildItem
      The item type of the parent item
    • getPlatform

      public Platform getPlatform()
      Get the platform.
      A platform item
    • getVariant

      public PlatformVariant getVariant()
      Get the platform variant.
      A platform variant item, or null if this file type is associated with all variants of the platform
    • getDataFileType

      public DataFileType getDataFileType()
      Get the type of the file.
      Specified by:
      getDataFileType in interface UsableDataFileType
      A file set member type item
    • isRequired

      public boolean isRequired()
      Check if a file of this type is required or not. Note! The requirement is not enforced by the core. It should be used as a hint to client applications so they can create a proper GUI. To check if a FileSet contains all files that have been marked as required use FileSet.hasAllRequiredFiles().
      Specified by:
      isRequired in interface UsableDataFileType
    • setRequired

      public void setRequired​(boolean required)
      Set the required flag for this file type.
    • getAllowMultiple

      public boolean getAllowMultiple()
      Check if more than one file of this type is allowed in a file set or not. Note! The requirement is not enforced by the core. It should be used as a hint to client applications so they can create a proper GUI.
      Specified by:
      getAllowMultiple in interface UsableDataFileType
    • setAllowMultiple

      public void setAllowMultiple​(boolean multiple)
      Allow or disallow multiple files of this file type in a file set.