Class BasicChildItem

All Implemented Interfaces:
AccessControlled, Identifiable
Direct Known Subclasses:
ItemSubtypeFileType, PlatformFileType, PlatformVariant

abstract class BasicChildItem
extends BasicItem
An abstract base class for all items which are child items to a BasicItem parent item. This class implements the initPermissions(int, int) method and sets the permissions for the child item based on the permissions for type of the parent item.

If the logged in user has read/use permission for the parent, READ/USE permission is granted. If the logged in user has write permission for the parent, WRITE, DELETE and CREATE permission is granted.

This class should only be used if the parent item itself hasn't overridden the initPermissions method, since that method is never called.

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  • Constructor Details

    • BasicChildItem

      BasicChildItem​(BasicData data)
  • Method Details

    • initPermissions

      void initPermissions​(int granted, int denied) throws BaseException
      If the logged in user has read permission for the parent, read permission is granted. If the logged in user has the permission returned by the getPermissionForWriteDeleteAndCreate() method for the parent, WRITE, DELETE and CREATE permission is granted.
      initPermissions in class BasicItem
      granted - Permissions that have been granted by the subclass
      denied - Permissions that have been denied by the subclass
      BaseException - If the permissions couldn't be initialised
    • getPluginPermissions

      PluginPermission getPluginPermissions()
      getPluginPermissions in class BasicItem
    • getPermissionForWriteDeleteAndCreate

      Permission getPermissionForWriteDeleteAndCreate()
      Get the permission that is required on the parent item that gives write, delete and create permission on the child item. The defult permission is write.
    • getParentType

      abstract Item getParentType()
      Get the type of item that is the parent of this item.
      The item type of the parent item