Class PlatformFileTypeData

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public class PlatformFileTypeData extends BasicData
This class hols information about which file types are used on which experimental platforms and variants.
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Hibernate: class
table="`PlatformFileTypes`" lazy="true"
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • PlatformFileTypeData

      public PlatformFileTypeData()
  • Method Details

    • getDataFileType

      public DataFileTypeData getDataFileType()
      Get the file type.
      Hibernate: column
      name="`datafiletype_id`" not-null="true"
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setDataFileType

      public void setDataFileType(DataFileTypeData fileType)
    • getPlatform

      public PlatformData getPlatform()
      Get the platform.
      Hibernate: column
      name="`platform_id`" not-null="true"
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setPlatform

      public void setPlatform(PlatformData platform)
    • getVariant

      public PlatformVariantData getVariant()
      Get the platform variant or null.
      Hibernate: column
      name="`variant_id`" not-null="false"
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      outer-join="false" update="false"
    • setVariant

      public void setVariant(PlatformVariantData variant)
    • isRequired

      public boolean isRequired()
      If a file of this type is required or not.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`required`" type="boolean" not-null="true"
    • setRequired

      public void setRequired(boolean required)
    • getAllowMultiple

      public boolean getAllowMultiple()
      If multiple files of this type are allowed in a file set or not.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`allow_multiple`" type="boolean" not-null="true"
    • setAllowMultiple

      public void setAllowMultiple(boolean multiple)