Class DynamicSpotQuery

All Implemented Interfaces:
ClonableReporterQuery, Query, SqlQuery

public class DynamicSpotQuery
extends DynamicQuery
Represents a query for spot information in the dynamic database. A single query object may query against data in one bioassayset at a time. Use factory methods in the Dynamic class to join other tables and create restrictions based on the data in those tables. You may of course also use the regular expressions and restrictions from the Expressions, Restrictions and other classes.

This type of query is executed by the AbstractSqlQuery.iterate(DbControl) method and returns the result as a DynamicResultIterator.

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  • Field Details

    • bioAssaySet

      private final BioAssaySet bioAssaySet
    • disableRawJoinOnMergedData

      private boolean disableRawJoinOnMergedData
    • defaultSelects

      private Select[] defaultSelects
    • joinedItems

      private Set<Object> joinedItems
  • Constructor Details

    • DynamicSpotQuery

      DynamicSpotQuery​(BioAssaySet bioAssaySet)
      Create a new dynamic query.
      bioAssaySet - The bioassay set to query against
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