Class SerialBaseFileExporter

public class SerialBaseFileExporter
extends BaseFileExporter
Exporter implementation that exports bioassay set data as a serial BASEfile.
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$Date: 2011-08-11 11:09:06 +0200 (to, 11 aug 2011) $
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    • SerialBaseFileExporter

      public SerialBaseFileExporter()
      Create a new serial BASEfile exporter.
  • Method Details

    • beginExport

      protected void beginExport()
      Prepare the export by pre-loading some information and configure the queries that we are going to use.
      beginExport in class BaseFileExporter
    • exportSectionHeader

      protected void exportSectionHeader()
      Exports headers for a 'spots' section, and make preparations for the current data section (one section per bioassay).
      exportSectionHeader in class AbstractBioAssaySetExporter
    • exportSectionData

      protected void exportSectionData()
      Exports data for the current bioassay in a 'spots' section.
      exportSectionData in class AbstractBioAssaySetExporter
    • exportSectionFooter

      protected boolean exportSectionFooter()
      Ends the current 'spots' section.
      exportSectionFooter in class AbstractBioAssaySetExporter
      Always FALSE if this was the last bioassay, or TRUE if there are more bioassays to export
    • endExport

      protected void endExport​(RuntimeException e)
      Description copied from class: AbstractBioAssaySetExporter
      End the export and clean up/close all aquired resources. This method is always called last. In the case of an error the exception parameter has a non-null value. The default implementation clears up values that has been cached so it is recommended that subclasses always call this method as part of their own cleanup. If the subclass implementation wants to throw a different exception it is recommended that the given exception is chained to allow developers to debug problems.
      endExport in class BaseFileExporter