Interface QueryElement

All Known Subinterfaces:
Expression, Join, Order, Restriction, Select
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbsExpression, AddExpression, AndRestriction, AnnotationBetweenRestriction, AnnotationExpression, AnnotationInRestriction, AnnotationJoin, AnnotationRestriction, AnnotationSet.ProjectSpecificAnnotationsRestriction, AnnotationSimpleRestriction, AnyToAnyRestriction, AscOrder, BetweenRestriction, BooleanExpression, CaseExpression, ConditionalQueryElement, CountExpression, DescOrder, DivideExpression, DynamicJoin, DynamicRestriction, EqRestriction, ExperimentExplorer.InExpression, ExpExpression, ExpressionSelect, ExtraValueExpression, ExtraValueJoin, FloatExpression, GeometricMeanExpression, GteqRestriction, GtRestriction, HasAnnotationRestriction, HqlElementsExpression, HqlEntityExpression, HqlEntityParameterExpression, HqlExpression, HqlIndexExpression, HqlInnerJoin, HqlLeftJoin, HqlPropertyExpression, HqlRightJoin, HqlSizeExpression, IdListRestriction, InRestriction, IntegerExpression, LikeRestriction, LogExpression, LteqRestriction, LtRestriction, MaxExpression, MeanExpression, MeanRawDataPropertyExpression, MinExpression, MultiplyExpression, NegateExpression, NeqRestriction, NotRestriction, OrRestriction, ParameterExpression, PermissionRestriction, PowerExpression, QuadraticMeanExpression, RawBioAssayPropertyExpression, RawDataPropertyExpression, RealJoin, ReporterListExpression, ReporterListJoin, ReporterPropertyExpression, RlikeRestriction, SelectedExpression, SharedToRestriction, SqlColumnExpression, SqrtExpression, SubqueryExpression, SubtractExpression, SumExpression, ToDateExpression, VirtualColumnExpression, VirtualColumnExpression.WrappedExpression

public interface QueryElement
A query element is used in various places in a Query to build the structure of the query. A query element is by itself not useful, only the subtypes of this interface are.
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Get the children of this query element or null if it has no children.
    toQl(Query query, DbControl dc)
    Create a query language string of the query element.
  • Method Details

    • toQl

      String toQl(Query query, DbControl dc) throws BaseException
      Create a query language string of the query element. Use the Query.getQueryType() method to find out which query language is wanted in case the element requires different syntax for different languages.
      query - The query that is about to be executed
      dc - The DbControl object used to execute the query
      UnsupportedOperationException - If the requested query language is not supported by the query element
      BaseException - If there is any other error
    • getChildren

      Collection<? extends QueryElement> getChildren()
      Get the children of this query element or null if it has no children. For example the AddExpression has two children, the expression beeing added.
      A collection or null