Class AnnotationSet.ProjectSpecificAnnotationsRestriction

All Implemented Interfaces:
QueryElement, Restriction
Enclosing class:

static class AnnotationSet.ProjectSpecificAnnotationsRestriction
extends Object
implements Restriction
Restriction for matching project-specific annotations against the currently active project. Default values that are not overridden are also included.
  • Field Details

    • annotationSetId

      private final int annotationSetId
  • Constructor Details

    • ProjectSpecificAnnotationsRestriction

      public ProjectSpecificAnnotationsRestriction​(int annotationSetId)
  • Method Details

    • toQl

      public String toQl​(Query query, DbControl dc) throws BaseException
      Description copied from interface: QueryElement
      Create a query language string of the query element. Use the Query.getQueryType() method to find out which query language is wanted in case the element requires different syntax for different languages.
      Specified by:
      toQl in interface QueryElement
      query - The query that is about to be executed
      dc - The DbControl object used to execute the query
      BaseException - If there is any other error
    • getChildren

      public Collection<? extends QueryElement> getChildren()
      Description copied from interface: QueryElement
      Get the children of this query element or null if it has no children. For example the AddExpression has two children, the expression beeing added.
      Specified by:
      getChildren in interface QueryElement
      A collection or null