Interface OwnableData

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DiskConsumableData, ShareableData
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AnnotatedData, AnnotationTypeCategoryData, AnnotationTypeData, ArrayBatchData, ArrayDesignData, ArraySlideData, BioMaterialData, BioPlateData, BioPlateEventData, BioSourceData, ClientData, CommonData, DerivedBioAssayData, DirectoryData, ExperimentData, ExtractData, FileData, FileServerData, FormulaData, HardwareData, ItemListData, JobAgentData, JobData, KitData, MeasuredBioMaterialData, OwnedData, PermissionTemplateData, PhysicalBioAssayData, PlateData, PlateMappingData, PlateTypeData, PluginConfigurationData, PluginDefinitionData, ProjectData, ProtocolData, RawBioAssayData, ReporterCloneTemplateData, ReporterListData, SampleData, SharedData, SoftwareData, TagData

public interface OwnableData
extends IdentifiableData
An ownable item is an item which has an owner. The owner is represented as a required association to a UserData object.

This interface defines Hibernate database mappings for the owner property to the database column with the same name. If a subclass wants to map the property to another column, it should override the getOwner() method and add a Hibernate tag in the comment.

Reference implementation

private UserData owner;
public UserData getOwner()
   return owner;
public void setOwner(UserData owner)
   this.owner = owner;
See Also:
OwnedData, Ownable, Developer documentation: User authentication, Developer documentation: Basic classes and interfaces
  • Method Details

    • getOwner

      UserData getOwner()
      Get the UserData that is the owner of the item.
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`owner`" not-null="true" outer-join="false"
    • setOwner

      void setOwner​(UserData owner)
      Change the owner of the item. Null is not allowed.