Class ReporterCloneTemplateData

All Implemented Interfaces:
IdentifiableData, LoggableData, NameableData, OwnableData, RegisteredData, RemovableData, ShareableData

public class ReporterCloneTemplateData
extends CommonData
implements RegisteredData, LoggableData
A template for holding information about reporter properties that are/should be cloned in the dynamic database. Unlocked templates are created by a admin/power user and can be used in a cloning operation. The cloning operation creates a locked copy of the template that is attached to the VirtualDbData item.
See Also:
ReporterCloneTemplate, Developer documentation: Reporters
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Hibernate: class
table="`ReporterCloneTemplates`" lazy="true"
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ReporterCloneTemplateData

      public ReporterCloneTemplateData()
  • Method Details

    • getEntryDate

      public Date getEntryDate()
      Description copied from interface: RegisteredData
      Get the date this item was added to the database. The value is generated at creation time and can't be modified later.
      Specified by:
      getEntryDate in interface RegisteredData
    • setEntryDate

      public void setEntryDate​(Date entryDate)
    • isLocked

      public boolean isLocked()
      The template is locked when it is used by a VirtualDbData. The locked status can never be changed.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`locked`" type="boolean" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setLocked

      public void setLocked​(boolean locked)
    • getBytes

      public long getBytes()
      The number of bytes the cloned reporter information uses in the dynamic database.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`bytes`" type="long" not-null="true"
    • setBytes

      public void setBytes​(long bytes)
    • getProperties

      public Map<String,​ReporterClonePropertyData> getProperties()
      Get the map that manages cloned properties.
      Hibernate: map
      table="`ReporterCloneProperties`" lazy="true"
      Hibernate: collection-key
      Hibernate: collection-index
      column="`property_name`" type="string" length="255"
      Hibernate: collection-composite-element
      class="" not-null="true"
    • setProperties

      void setProperties​(Map<String,​ReporterClonePropertyData> properties)