Interface DynamicActionAttributes

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractJspActionFactory, AbstractJspFactory, AbstractJspRendererFactory, AnyLinkColumnActionFactory, Body, Button, Button, Button.ButtonActionWrapper, ButtonBean, ButtonGroup, CalendarButton, ColumnDef, ColumnSubtitles, CompactButtonRendererFactory, Data, DebugOnSaveActionFactory, DynamicActionAttributeSupport, FieldInfo, FixedButtonFactory, FixedMenuItemFactory, FixedSkinActionFactory, FixedSkinActionFactory.MySkinAction, FixedStartPageFactory, FixedTabFactory, Form, Header, HeaderRow, Headers, Help, HideableSection, Icon, IncludeContentSectionFactory, IncludeContentTabFactory, Input, Label, LoginFormBean, MAPlotFactory, Menu, Menuitem, MenuItemBean, Menuseparator, Navigator, Panel, PasswordLoginFormFactory, Path, PathElement, PermissionButtonFactory, PermissionMenuItemFactory, PresetSelector, PropertyPathActionFactory, RelatedItemColumnActionFactory, Row, Rows, Select, StylableTag, Submenu, Tab, TabBean, TabControl, Table, Toolbar, ToolbarButtonRendererFactory, ViewAndDownloadActionFactory, Zoom

public interface DynamicActionAttributes
Supplementary interface for actions that need to be able to support dynamic attributes that are not pre-defined by the actual Action. Typcially, dynamic attributes are rendered (in HTML pages) as extra attributes in the main tag. For example:
<div ... data-extra-attribute="extra-value">...
For this to work, a Renderer implementation need to check if this interface is implemented by the action and then use this information for furthere processing. A few helper classes exists:
  • Method Details

    • getDynamicActionAttributes

      Iterator<DynamicActionAttribute> getDynamicActionAttributes()
      Get an iterator that return all dynamic attributes. If no dynamic attributes have been defined, the method may return null or an iterator that doesn't return any elements.
      An iterator or null