Class AnyLinkColumnActionFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
DynamicActionAttributes, ActionFactory<ListColumnAction<BasicItem,Object>>

public class AnyLinkColumnActionFactory extends AbstractJspActionFactory<ListColumnAction<BasicItem,Object>>
Action factory for adding columns to a table that display items that are linked with an any-to-any link. The factory will scan the "columns" setting from the current context for entries matching the pattern: |linkName|ITEMTYPE|property ITEMTYPE and property are optional.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnyLinkColumnActionFactory

      public AnyLinkColumnActionFactory()
  • Method Details

    • prepareContext

      public boolean prepareContext(InvokationContext<? super ListColumnAction<BasicItem,Object>> context)
      We get the "columns" setting from the current ItemContext and check if there seems to be an entry for a related item.
      Specified by:
      prepareContext in interface ActionFactory<ListColumnAction<BasicItem,Object>>
      prepareContext in class AbstractJspActionFactory<ListColumnAction<BasicItem,Object>>
      context - The current invokation context
      Always TRUE
    • getActions

      Description copied from interface: ActionFactory
      This method may be called one or several times for each request. This is decided by the extension point. If, for example, the extension point is a pure single-item extension point then this method is probably only called once. If the extension point is a per-item extension point in a list context, then this method may be called once for every item in the list. The context parameter contains all information about the context of the extension point, including the current item, if any.
      context - The current invokation context
      An array of actions that should be added to the extension point. Returns null or an empty array if there are no actions in the current context.