2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Interface RemovableData

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AnnotatedData, AnnotationTypeCategoryData, AnnotationTypeData, ArrayBatchData, ArrayDesignData, ArraySlideData, BioAssaySetData, BioMaterialData, BioMaterialListData, BioPlateData, BioPlateEventData, BioPlateEventTypeData, BioPlateTypeData, BioSourceData, ClientData, CommonData, DataFileTypeData, DirectoryData, ExperimentData, ExtractData, ExtraValueTypeData, FileData, FileServerData, FormulaData, GroupData, HardwareData, HardwareTypeData, HybridizationData, ImageData, JobAgentData, JobData, LabelData, LabeledExtractData, MeasuredBioMaterialData, MessageData, MimeTypeData, NewsData, PermissionTemplateData, PlateData, PlateEventTypeData, PlateGeometryData, PlateMappingData, PlateTypeData, PlatformData, PlatformVariantData, PluginConfigurationData, PluginDefinitionData, PluginTypeData, ProjectData, ProtocolData, ProtocolTypeData, QuantityData, QuotaData, RawBioAssayData, ReporterListData, ReporterTypeData, RoleData, SampleData, ScanData, SoftwareData, TransformationData, UnitData, UserData

public interface RemovableData
extends IdentifiableData

A removable item is an item that can be flagged as removed. This doesn't remove the information about the item from the database, but can be used by client applications to hide items that the user is not interested in.

For example, all methods generating lists of items, will by default not include items that are flagged as removed.

A cleaning application is usually run at regular intervals to remove items that have been flagged as removed.

This interface defines Hibernate database mapping for the removed property to a database column with the same name. If a subclass wants to map these properties to other columns, it should override the isRemoved() method and add a Hibernate tag in the comment.

Reference implementation

private boolean removed;
public boolean isRemoved()
   return removed;
public void setRemoved(boolean removed)
   this.removed = removed;

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Method Summary
 boolean isRemoved()
          Check if the removed flag is set for this item.
 void setRemoved(boolean removed)
          Set the removed flag for this item.
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Method Detail


boolean isRemoved()
Check if the removed flag is set for this item.

TRUE if the item is flagged as removed, FALSE otherwise
Hibernate: property
column="`removed`" type="boolean" not-null="true"


void setRemoved(boolean removed)
Set the removed flag for this item.

removed - TRUE if the item should be flagged as removed, FALSE otherwise

2.17.2: 2011-06-17