2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Class LabeledExtractData

  extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.BasicData
      extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.OwnedData
          extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.SharedData
              extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.CommonData
                  extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.AnnotatedData
                      extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.BioMaterialData
                          extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.MeasuredBioMaterialData
                              extended by net.sf.basedb.core.data.LabeledExtractData
All Implemented Interfaces:
AnnotatableData, IdentifiableData, LoggableData, NameableData, OwnableData, RemovableData, ShareableData

public class LabeledExtractData
extends MeasuredBioMaterialData

This represents a labeled extract.

See Also:
LabeledExtract, Biomaterials overview
Last modified
$Date: 2009-04-06 14:52:39 +0200 (Mon, 06 Apr 2009) $
Hibernate: subclass
discriminator-value="4" lazy="false"

Field Summary
private  LabelData label
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 LabelData getLabel()
          The label compound used to label the extract.
 void setLabel(LabelData label)
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Field Detail


private LabelData label
Constructor Detail


public LabeledExtractData()
Method Detail


public LabelData getLabel()
The label compound used to label the extract. This property is actually not-null="true", but since we are using a common table for all biomaterial and the other types doesn't have a label, it must be declared not-null="false". It is up to the core to check that no null values are passed to the database.

Hibernate: many-to-one
column="`label_id`" not-null="false" outer-join="false"


public void setLabel(LabelData label)

2.17.2: 2011-06-17