Class AnnotationTypeImporter

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoDetectingImporter, InteractivePlugin, Plugin, SignalTarget, ConfigureByExample

public class AnnotationTypeImporter extends AbstractItemImporter<AnnotationType>
Plug-in for importing annotation type items in a batch. The plug-in can create new items and updated existing items.
  • Field Details

    • guiContexts

      private static final Set<GuiContext> guiContexts
    • valueTypeColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> valueTypeColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the annotation value type
    • categoryColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> categoryColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for assigning annotation types to categories.
    • multiplicityColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> multiplicityColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for annotation multiplicty.
    • defaultValueColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> defaultValueColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Default value".
    • isIdentifierColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> isIdentifierColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Is identifier" flag.
    • miameColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> miameColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Required for MIAME" flag.
    • protocolParameterColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> protocolParameterColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Protocol parameter" flag.
    • disableChangeLogColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> disableChangeLogColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Disabled history log" flag.
    • disableInheritanceColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> disableInheritanceColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Disable inheritance" flag.
    • itemTypesColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> itemTypesColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Item types".
    • defaultUnitColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> defaultUnitColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Default unit".
    • usableUnitColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> usableUnitColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Usable unit".
    • enumerationColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> enumerationColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Enumeration".
    • enumerationSplitterRegexpParameter

      private static final PluginParameter<String> enumerationSplitterRegexpParameter
      Regular expression splitter parameter for enumerations.
    • minValueColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> minValueColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Min value".
    • maxValueColumnMapping

      private static final PluginParameter<String> maxValueColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for "Max value".
    • nameMapper

      private Mapper nameMapper
    • externalIdMapper

      private Mapper externalIdMapper
    • descriptionMapper

      private Mapper descriptionMapper
    • valueTypeMapper

      private Mapper valueTypeMapper
    • categoryMapper

      private Mapper categoryMapper
    • registeredMapper

      private Mapper registeredMapper
    • multiplicityMapper

      private Mapper multiplicityMapper
    • defaultValueMapper

      private Mapper defaultValueMapper
    • isIdentifierMapper

      private Mapper isIdentifierMapper
    • miameMapper

      private Mapper miameMapper
    • protocolParameterMapper

      private Mapper protocolParameterMapper
    • disableChangeLogMapper

      private Mapper disableChangeLogMapper
    • disableInheritanceMapper

      private Mapper disableInheritanceMapper
    • itemTypesMapper

      private Mapper itemTypesMapper
    • defaultUnitMapper

      private Mapper defaultUnitMapper
    • usableUnitMapper

      private Mapper usableUnitMapper
    • enumerationMapper

      private Mapper enumerationMapper
    • minValueMapper

      private Mapper minValueMapper
    • maxValueMapper

      private Mapper maxValueMapper
    • numberFormat

      private NumberFormat numberFormat
    • enumerationSplitter

      private Pattern enumerationSplitter
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationTypeImporter

      public AnnotationTypeImporter()
  • Method Details