Interface IdMethod

All Known Implementing Classes:
AnnotationIdMethod, FallbackIdMethod, FileImporter.PathIdMethod, InternalIdMethod, MultiPropertyIdMethod, PropertyIdMethod

public interface IdMethod
Represents an 'identification method', eg. a way to find an item among the items that already exists in the database. This can, for example, be done by checking the name or the internal id of the item.
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  • Method Details

    • getMethod

      String getMethod()
      The name of this method, which should be unique among the methods that can be used at a given time.
      The method name
    • getTitle

      String getTitle()
      The display title of the method.
    • isTrulyUnique

      boolean isTrulyUnique()
      If the identification method is truly unique or not. If this method returns true, the find(DbControl, ItemQuery, String) method will never ever return a list with more than one item.
    • getColumnMappingParameterName

      String getColumnMappingParameterName()
    • prepareQuery

      <I extends BasicItem> ItemQuery<I> prepareQuery​(DbControl dc, ItemQuery<I> query)
      Initialise a query to be used by this identification method. The query should be a fresh query without any previous restrictions or other modifications.
      query - The query to prepare
      The query that is used for item lookup
    • find

      <I extends BasicItem> List<I> find​(DbControl dc, ItemQuery<I> query, String identifier)
      Try to find items with this query method.
      query - The query to use, which should have been prepared using prepareQuery(DbControl, ItemQuery)
      identifier - The identifier of the item
      A list with the found items, if isTrulyUnique() return true the list is guaranteed to have at most one item
    • setIdentifierOnNewItem

      default <I extends BasicItem> boolean setIdentifierOnNewItem​(DbControl dc, I item, String identifier)
      Set the ID on a newly created item when this is not done by other regular column mappers. The default implementation of this method does nothing.
      TRUE if the identifier was set, FALSE if not