Interface Request

All Known Implementing Classes:
ExternalProgramExecutor.RequestWrapper, NamespaceRequestWrapper, PluginRequest.RequestImpl

public interface Request
Pass request information to a plugin. Objects implementing this interface are used by the core to pass information to a plugin in the, Response, ProgressReporter) method. Commands are used to tell the plugin what kind of information the user want to pass to the plugin.
There are three predefind request commands that all plugins understands, those three are COMMAND_CONFIGURE_JOB, COMMAND_CONFIGURE_PLUGIN and COMMAND_EXECUTE. The configuration setup starts by giving the plugin the command COMMAND_CONFIGURE_PLUGIN and it will be saved in the PluginConfiguration that instantiated the plugin. The starting command for setting the job parameters are the COMMAND_CONFIGURE_PLUGIN command.

After the request have been invoked the plugin will respond with a Response. The status of the respond will tell the Job how to proceed. Plugin defined commands are not allowed to use strings that begins with an underscore("_"). Strings starting with an underscore is reserved for the Base 2 system.

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