Class ZipFileUnpacker

All Implemented Interfaces:
InteractivePlugin, Plugin, SignalTarget, FileUnpacker

public class ZipFileUnpacker extends AbstractFileUnpacker
A plugin for unpacking zip and jar file on the BASE file system.
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$Date: 2012-09-14 09:28:35 +0200 (fr, 14 sep 2012) $
  • Field Details

    • extensions

      private static final Set<String> extensions
    • mimeTypes

      private static final Set<String> mimeTypes
  • Constructor Details

    • ZipFileUnpacker

      public ZipFileUnpacker()
  • Method Details

    • getFormatName

      public String getFormatName()
      Description copied from interface: FileUnpacker
      Get the name of the compressed file format this unpacker supports. For example: ZIP files
    • getExtensions

      public Set<String> getExtensions()
      Return a set containing the strings [ zip, jar ].
      A set containing file extensions (do not inlcude the dot)
    • getMimeTypes

      public Set<String> getMimeTypes()
      Return a set containing the strings [ application/zip, application/java-archive ].
      A set containing MIME types
    • unpack

      public int unpack(DbControl dc, Directory dir, InputStream in, File sourceFile, boolean overwrite, AbsoluteProgressReporter progress) throws IOException
      Use the ZipUnpacker to unpack the file.
      dc - The DbControl to use for database access
      dir - The directory to unpack the files to
      in - The input stream containing the packed data
      sourceFile - The source packed file that the input stream is coming from or null if not known
      overwrite - If existing files should be overwritten or ignored
      progress - A optional progress reporter which expects the number of compressed bytes that has been uncompressed
      The number of unpacked files
      IOException - If there is an error reading the input stream