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GeoLocation.ResponseFilter, SimpleAbsoluteProgressReporter, TransferRateProgressReporter

public interface AbsoluteProgressReporter
extends ProgressReporter
This is interface is an extension to the ProgressReporter interface. Instead of sending the percentage of progress it is possible to send an absolute value. This is useful for example when copying files were it makes more sense to display the number of bytes copied. It is up to each implementation to define the endpoint, ie. the total number of bytes to copy. Implementations should still allow the ProgressReporter.display(int, String) method to be called.
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    void displayAbsolute​(long completed, String message)
    Display a progress message.

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    • displayAbsolute

      void displayAbsolute​(long completed, String message)
      Display a progress message.
      completed - The progress of the task
      message - A message, or null