Interface FileUnpacker

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractFileUnpacker, Bzip2FileUnpacker, GzipFileUnpacker, TarFileUnpacker, ZipFileUnpacker

public interface FileUnpacker
extends Plugin
This interface should be implemented by plugins that can unpack a single compressed file into the BASE file system. The plugin may extend the AbstractFileUnpacker class which implements most of the plugin specified parts, leaving only the actual unpacking to the subclass.

The file upload functionality checks all plugins that implement this interface to provide automatic unpacking of uploaded files without having to store them in a temporary place first.

See Also:
ZipFileUnpacker, AbstractFileUnpacker
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$Date: 2011-09-23 09:05:23 +0200 (fr, 23 sep 2011) $
  • Method Details

    • getFormatName

      String getFormatName()
      Get the name of the compressed file format this unpacker supports. For example: ZIP files
    • getExtensions

      Set<String> getExtensions()
      Get the file extensions that this unpacker supports. For example [ zip, jar ].
      A set containing file extensions (do not inlcude the dot)
    • getMimeTypes

      Set<String> getMimeTypes()
      Get the MIME type for the file formats this unpacker supports. For example [ application/zip, application/java-archive ].
      A set containing MIME types
    • unpack

      int unpack​(DbControl dc, Directory dir, InputStream in, File sourceFile, boolean overwrite, AbsoluteProgressReporter progress) throws IOException, BaseException
      Unpack the given input stream into a BASE directory. If a source file is given it can be used as a template for setting certain properties on the unpcked files. See PackUtil.copyProperties(File, File).
      dc - The DbControl to use for database access
      dir - The directory to unpack the files to
      in - The input stream containing the packed data
      sourceFile - The source packed file that the input stream is coming from or null if not known
      overwrite - If existing files should be overwritten or ignored
      progress - A optional progress reporter which expects the number of compressed bytes that has been uncompressed
      The number of unpacked files
      IOException - If there is an error reading the input stream
      BaseException - If there is another error