Class AbstractExporterPlugin

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImmediateDownloadExporter, Plugin
Direct Known Subclasses:
BaseFileExporterPlugin, GalExporter, HelpExporter, PackedFileExporter, PlateMappingExporter, PluginConfigurationExporter, SimpleExport

public abstract class AbstractExporterPlugin extends AbstractPlugin implements ImmediateDownloadExporter
An abstract base class for all exporter plugins that wish to implement the ImmediateDownloadExporter interface. This class implements that interface, but you have to implement the performExport(ExportOutputStream, ProgressReporter) instead which has the same requirements as the ImmediateDownloadExporter.doExport(ExportOutputStream, ProgressReporter) method.

This class also implements the run(Request, Response, ProgressReporter) method but if you want to use it you must use the parameters for the file path and overwrite option as they are defined in this class. Use the getSaveAsParameter(String, String, String, boolean) and getOverwriteParameter(String, String) to generate the parameter objects and then the getSaveAsPath(DbControl) and getOverwrite() to get values entered by the user.

This class doesn't override any methods of the InteractivePlugin interface. It is your responsibility to ask for the correct parameters and save them to the job. See the HelpExporter implementation forexample code.

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  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractExporterPlugin

      protected AbstractExporterPlugin()
      Create a new AbstractExporterPlugin.
  • Method Details

    • getMainType

      public Plugin.MainType getMainType()
      Description copied from interface: Plugin
      Get the type of the plugin. This method must always return the same value.
      Specified by:
      getMainType in interface Plugin
    • run

      public void run(Request request, Response response, ProgressReporter progress)
      Checks the SAVE_AS parameter for the path to save the exported data. If the file doesn't exists it is created. If the file exists the OVERWRITE parameter is checked if overwriting is ok. Files marked for deletion will always be overwritten. If no path has been specified an error response is sent.

      Then, the subclass is called to generate the export. The following methods are called:

      1. begin(DbControl)
      2. performExport(ExportOutputStream, ProgressReporter)
      3. end(boolean) (after the DbControl has been committed)
      4. getSuccessMessage() (only if no error ocurred)
      Specified by:
      run in interface Plugin
      request - Request object with the command and parameters
      response - Response object in for the plugin to response through
      progress - A ProgressReporter where the plugin can report its progess, can be null
    • doExport

      public final void doExport(ExportOutputStream out, ProgressReporter progress) throws IOException
      Implements immediate downloading. Calls the subclass methods in the following order:
      1. begin(DbControl)
      2. performExport(ExportOutputStream, ProgressReporter)
      3. end(boolean) (after the DbControl has been committed)
      Specified by:
      doExport in interface ImmediateDownloadExporter
      out - The output stream that the exported data should be written to
      progress - An optional progress reporter, may be null
      IOException - If there is an error writing to the export stream
    • begin

      protected void begin(DbControl dc)
      Called just before the export starts. A subclass may override this method if it needs to initialise some resources.
      dc - The DbControl that is used to write to the database. A subclass may use this read from the database as well
      See Also:
    • getSaveTo

      protected File getSaveTo()
      Get the file object that the current export is writing to. This method may return a file object that already exists in the database, a new file that is saved when the transaction is committed or null if the export is a 'download immediately' export.
      A file object or null
    • performExport

      protected abstract void performExport(ExportOutputStream out, ProgressReporter progress) throws IOException
      Perform the export. This method replaces the ImmediateDownloadExporter.doExport(ExportOutputStream, ProgressReporter) method.
      out - Output stream to write the exported data to
      progress - An optional progress reporter
    • end

      protected void end(boolean success)
      Called just after everything has been committed to the database, or immediately after an error has ocurred. A subclass should clean up any resources aquired in the begin(DbControl) method here.
      success - TRUE if the file was parsed successfully, FALSE otherwise
      See Also:
    • getSuccessMessage

      protected String getSuccessMessage()
      Called if the export was successful to let the subclass generate a simple message that is sent back to the core and user interface. An example message might by: 178 reporters exported successfully. The default implementation always return null.
    • getSaveAsParameter

      protected PluginParameter<String> getSaveAsParameter(String label, String description, String defaultValue, boolean required)
      Get a plugin parameter that asks for the path to a file where the exported data should be saved. If no path is specified by the user the data will be downloaded immediately.
      label - The parameter label, or null to use the default (Save as)
      description - The parameter description, or null to use the default (The path to the file where the exported data should be placed. Leave empty to download immediately.)
      defaultValue - A default filename, or null to not use any default
      required - If the parameter is required or optional
    • getSaveAsPath

      protected Path getSaveAsPath(DbControl dc)
      Get the configured path where the exported data should be saved.
      dc - A DbControl which is needed to find the currently logged in user if the path starts with '~/' = Home directory of logged in user
      A path or null if no path has been specified
    • getOverwriteParameter

      protected PluginParameter<Boolean> getOverwriteParameter(String label, String description)
      Get a plugin parameter that asks if existing files can be overwritten or not.
      label - The parameter label, or null to use the default (Overwrite)
      description - The parameter description, or null to use the default (If it is allowed to overwrite an existing file or not.)
    • getOverwrite

      public boolean getOverwrite()
      Get the configured value for the overwrite parameter.
      A boolean, if no values has been specified false is returned
      See Also:
    • pathCanBeUsed

      protected boolean pathCanBeUsed(String strPath, boolean overwrite)
      See if file path already exists and if it's allowed to overwrite it.
      strPath - The file path to be checked.
      overwrite - TRUE If it is allowed to overwrite the file, FALSE otherwise.
      FALSE If the file path exists and isn't allowed to be overwritten or TRUE otherwise.