Interface RegisteredData

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AnnotationTypeCategoryData, AnnotationTypeData, ArrayBatchData, ArrayDesignData, ArraySlideData, BaseFileImporter.ReporterProxy, BioMaterialEventData, BioPlateData, BioPlateEventData, BioSourceData, ClientData, DerivedBioAssayData, ExperimentData, ExtraValueTypeData, FormulaData, GroupData, HardwareData, ItemSubtypeData, KitData, MimeTypeData, NewsData, PlateData, PlateGeometryData, PlateMappingData, PlateTypeData, PluginConfigurationData, PluginDefinitionData, PluginTypeData, ProjectData, ProtocolData, QuotaTypeData, RawBioAssayData, RawDataBatcher.ReporterProxy, ReporterCloneTemplateData, ReporterData, ReporterListData, ReporterTypeData, RoleData, SoftwareData, TagData, UserData, UserDeviceData

public interface RegisteredData
extends IdentifiableData
Adds the date an item was registered in the database. Since this is a new interface in BASE 2.10 pre-existing items doesn't have this information.
See Also:
BasicBatcher, Developer documentation: Basic classes and interfaces
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Date getEntryDate()
    Get the date this item was added to the database.

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    getId, getVersion
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    • getEntryDate

      Date getEntryDate()
      Get the date this item was added to the database. The value is generated at creation time and can't be modified later.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`entry_date`" type="date" not-null="false" update="false"