Class ReporterClonePropertyData


public class ReporterClonePropertyData
extends Object
This class holds information about cloned reporter properties.
See Also:
ReporterCloneTemplate, Developer documentation: Reporters
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  • Field Details

    • title

      private String title
    • description

      private String description
    • valueType

      private int valueType

      public static final int MAX_COLUMN_LENGTH
      The maximum length of the column that can be stored in the database.
      See Also:
      setColumn(String), Constant Field Values
    • column

      private String column
    • length

      private int length
    • nullable

      private boolean nullable
    • averageMethod

      private int averageMethod
    • extendedProperty

      private boolean extendedProperty
    • mandatory

      private boolean mandatory
  • Constructor Details

    • ReporterClonePropertyData

      public ReporterClonePropertyData()
  • Method Details

    • getTitle

      public String getTitle()
      Get the title of the property.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`title`" type="string" length="255" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setTitle

      public void setTitle​(String title)
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      Get a description of the property.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`description`" type="text" not-null="false" update="false"
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription​(String description)
    • getValueType

      public int getValueType()
      The code for the value type.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`value_type`" type="int" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setValueType

      public void setValueType​(int valueType)
    • getColumn

      public String getColumn()
      Get the name of database column.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`column`" type="string" length="255" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setColumn

      public void setColumn​(String column)
    • getLength

      public int getLength()
      The maximum length of string value types.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`length`" type="int" not-null="true"
    • setLength

      public void setLength​(int length)
    • isNullable

      public boolean isNullable()
      If the column is nullable or not.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`nullable`" type="boolean" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setNullable

      public void setNullable​(boolean nullable)
    • getAverageMethod

      public int getAverageMethod()
      The code for the averate method to use when calculating averages.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`average_method`" type="int" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setAverageMethod

      public void setAverageMethod​(int averageMethod)
    • isExtendedProperty

      public boolean isExtendedProperty()
      If the column is an extended or "static" property.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`extended_property`" type="boolean" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setExtendedProperty

      public void setExtendedProperty​(boolean extendedProperty)
    • isMandatory

      public boolean isMandatory()
      If the column is a mandatory that must be in all clone templates.
      Hibernate: property
      column="`mandatory`" type="boolean" not-null="true" update="false"
    • setMandatory

      public void setMandatory​(boolean mandatory)