Interface AnnotatableData

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AnnotatedData, ArrayBatchData, ArrayDesignData, ArraySlideData, BioAssayData, BioAssaySetData, BioMaterialData, BioPlateData, BioSourceData, DerivedBioAssayData, ExperimentData, ExtractData, FileData, HardwareData, ItemListData, KitData, MeasuredBioMaterialData, PhysicalBioAssayData, PlateData, PluginConfigurationData, PluginDefinitionData, ProjectData, ProtocolData, RawBioAssayData, RootRawBioAssayData, SampleData, SoftwareData, TagData, WellData

public interface AnnotatableData
extends IdentifiableData
An annotatable item is an item that can be annotated with name/value pairs. All annotations are held in an AnnotationSetData object.

This interface defines Hibernate database mapping for the annotationSet association to a column with the name annotationset_id. If a subclass wants to map the association to another column, it should override the getAnnotationSet() method and add a Hibernate tag in the comment.

Reference implementation

private AnnotationSetData annotationSet;
public AnnotationSetData getAnnotationSet()
   return annotationSet;
public void setAnnotationSet(AnnotationSetData annotationSet)
   this.annotationSet = annotationSet;
See Also:
AnnotatedData, AnnotationSetData, AnnotationData, AnnotationTypeData, Annotatable, Developer documentation: Annotations
  • Method Details

    • getAnnotationSet

      @NotLoggable AnnotationSetData getAnnotationSet()
      Get the annotation set that holds the annotations for an item.
      An AnnotationSetData item or null if no annotations exist
      Hibernate: many-to-one
      column="`annotationset_id`" not-null="false" unique="true" outer-join="false" cascade="delete"
    • setAnnotationSet

      void setAnnotationSet​(AnnotationSetData annotationSet)
      Change the annotation set. Use null to remove the annotations.
      annotationSet - Annotation set to change to.
    • getAnnotations

      Set<AnnotationLink> getAnnotations()
      Short-cut to all annotations belonging to this item. Used for HQL queries only. This is the inverse end. NOTE! The property-ref="annotationSet" require that AnnotationSetData implements Serializable
      Hibernate: set
      lazy="true" inverse="true" mutable="false"
      Hibernate: collection-key
      column="`annotationset_id`" property-ref="annotationSet"
      Hibernate: collection-one-to-many