Class AnnotationLink


public class AnnotationLink extends Object
Class for mapping the "Annotations" table with shortcuts to all 'FooValues' tables. This class is only needed for Hibernate to accept the mapping document and should never be used or instantiated in the code or by Hibernate.
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  • Field Details

    • id

      private int id
    • annotationSetId

      private int annotationSetId
    • annotationTypeId

      private int annotationTypeId
    • valueId

      private int valueId
    • source

      private int source
    • projectId

      private int projectId
    • overrideId

      private int overrideId
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationLink

  • Method Details

    • getId

      public int getId()
    • setId

      public void setId(int id)
    • getAnnotationSetId

      public int getAnnotationSetId()
    • setAnnotationSetId

      public void setAnnotationSetId(int annotationSetId)
    • getAnnotationTypeId

      public int getAnnotationTypeId()
    • setAnnotationTypeId

      public void setAnnotationTypeId(int annotationTypeId)
    • getValueId

      public int getValueId()
    • setValueId

      public void setValueId(int valueId)
    • getSource

      public int getSource()
    • setSource

      public void setSource(int source)
    • getProjectId

      public int getProjectId()
    • setProjectId

      public void setProjectId(int projectId)
    • getOverrideId

      public int getOverrideId()
    • setOverrideId

      public void setOverrideId(int overrideId)
    • getIntegerValues

      List<Integer> getIntegerValues()
    • setIntegerValues

      void setIntegerValues(List<Integer> values)
    • getLongValues

      List<Long> getLongValues()
    • setLongValues

      void setLongValues(List<Long> values)
    • getFloatValues

      List<Float> getFloatValues()
    • setFloatValues

      void setFloatValues(List<Float> values)
    • getDoubleValues

      List<Double> getDoubleValues()
    • setDoubleValues

      void setDoubleValues(List<Double> values)
    • getStringValues

      List<String> getStringValues()
    • setStringValues

      void setStringValues(List<String> values)
    • getTextValues

      List<String> getTextValues()
    • setTextValues

      void setTextValues(List<String> values)
    • getBooleanValues

      List<Boolean> getBooleanValues()
    • setBooleanValues

      void setBooleanValues(List<Boolean> values)
    • getDateValues

      List<Date> getDateValues()
    • setDateValues

      void setDateValues(List<Date> values)
    • getTimestampValues

      List<Date> getTimestampValues()
    • setTimestampValues

      void setTimestampValues(List<Date> values)