Class SessionControl.LoginInfo

Enclosing class:

private static class SessionControl.LoginInfo
extends Object
Internal class to hold information about the logged in user.
  • Field Details

    • impersonated

      private boolean impersonated
      If the logged in user was logged in with the SessionControl.impersonateLogin(int, String)
    • sessionId

      private int sessionId
      The id of the SessionData.
    • userId

      private int userId
      The id of the UserData object for the logged in user.
    • userLogin

      private String userLogin
      The login property of the logged in user.
    • userName

      private String userName
      The name property of the logged in user.
    • authenticationMethod

      private AuthenticationMethod authenticationMethod
      The authentication method used to allow the user to login.
    • deviceId

      private int deviceId
      The id of the UserDevice in use.
    • deviceName

      private String deviceName
    • activeProjectId

      private int activeProjectId
      The id of the ProjectData object of the active project.
    • activeProjectName

      private String activeProjectName
      The name of the the active project.
    • projectKeyId

      private int projectKeyId
      The id of the ProjectKeyData object that new items should be shared to.
    • itemKeyId

      private int itemKeyId
      The id of the ItemKeyData object that new items should be shared to.
    • keyring

      private Keyring keyring
      The Keyring of the logged in user.
    • userClientSettings

      private Map<String,​SessionControl.SettingInfo> userClientSettings
      Stores name and value from UserClientSettingData.
    • userDefaultSettings

      private Map<String,​SessionControl.SettingInfo> userDefaultSettings
      Stores name and value from UserDefaultSettingData.
  • Constructor Details