Class RawDataBatcher.FeatureProxy

All Implemented Interfaces:
BatchableData, IdentifiableData, NoAutoUnlinkAnyToAny
Enclosing class:

static class RawDataBatcher.FeatureProxy
extends FeatureData
  • Field Details

    • id

      private int id
  • Constructor Details

    • FeatureProxy

  • Method Details

    • setTheId

      RawDataBatcher.FeatureProxy setTheId​(int id)
    • getId

      public int getId()
      Description copied from class: BasicData
      Get the id of the item. The id is automatically generated by the database the first time the item is saved to the database. A new item has the value 0.
      Specified by:
      getId in interface IdentifiableData
      getId in class BasicData
      The id of the item or 0