Class FeatureBatcher

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, AccessControlled, Batcher

public class FeatureBatcher extends BasicBatcher<FeatureData>
Batcher class for Features or AffyFeatures. A single instance can be used for features belonging to a single ArrayDesign.

Create new FeatureData objects with either newFeature(ArrayDesignBlock, ReporterData) or newFeature(ArrayDesignBlock, Well). Use the latter method if the array desing is connected to plates.

Depending on the FeatureIdentificationMethod used by the array design, you must set different properties on the FeatureData object.

For all methods, each feature that is inserted must have a unqiue value. For example, there can't be two features with the same external ID if the FEATURE_ID method is used. Values for the methods that are not used can still be set and saved to the database, but the uniqueness is not checked. The position number will be auto-generated (and overwritten) if the identification method is not POSITION.
Enell, Nicklas
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