Interface JepFunction

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
JepExpressionFunction, JepRestrictionFunction
All Known Implementing Classes:
ChannelFunction, ColFunction, DataNoFunction, DefaultItemFunction, ExtraValueFunction, InReporterListFunction, LeftFunction, LineNoFunction, Log2Function, MeanFunction, NotInReporterListFunction, PositionFunction, RawChannelFunction, RawFunction, ReporterFunction, ScoreFunction, SimpleJepFunction

public interface JepFunction
extends org.nfunk.jep.function.PostfixMathCommandI
This interface should be implemented by objects that can perform some kind of calculation for a JEP expression. This interface is just the addition of a name to the PostfixMathCommandI interface defined by JEP.
See Also:
Jep.newJep(String, JepFunction[]), Jep
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  • Method Summary

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    String getFunctionName()
    Get the name of this function.

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