2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Interface ConfigureByExample

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AbstractItemImporter, AnnotationFlatFileImporter, ArrayBatchImporter, ArrayDesignImporter, ArraySlideImporter, BioPlateImporter, BioSourceImporter, ExtractImporter, HybridizationImporter, LabeledExtractImporter, PlateFlatFileImporter, RawBioAssayImporter, RawDataFlatFileImporter, ReporterFlatFileImporter, ReporterMapFlatFileImporter, SampleImporter, ScanImporter

public interface ConfigureByExample
extends Plugin

This is a tagging interface for all plugins that use the FlatFileParser and wants easier configuration of the regular expressions used to parse the file.

The web interface checks for plugins that implements this interface and create a "Test with file" button if the AbstractFlatFileImporter.parserSection parameter is present. The web interface expects plugin parameters for the regular expressions as defined by the AbstractFlatFileImporter class. Parameters for columns mappings must have the string "Mapping" in the parameter name. For example reporterIdColumnMapping, extendedColumnMapping.species and propertyMapping.ch1FgMedian.

All core plugins follow these directions.

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2.17.2: 2011-06-17