2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Interface SecondaryStorageController

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public interface SecondaryStorageController

This interface defines the methods that needs to be implemented by a class to be able to use it as a controller for seconday storage.

The core will create one object instance of the class specified by the configuration setting secondary.storage.driver. Leaving this setting empty disables the secondary storage.

When the object has been create the init(String) method is called to let the object initialise itself. The parameters for the method call is taken from the secondary.storage.init setting.

The run() method is invoked with an interval specified by the secondary.storage.interval setting. The interval is given in seconds. Alternatively the setting secondary.storage.time may contain a comma-separated list of time-points (hour:minutes) when the storage controller should be invoked. If time-points are given it overrides the interval setting which is ignored. Time-point valus must be given with time two-digit 24-based hour and two-digit minute values. For example: 03:10,09:00,23:59.

When BASE is stopped the close() method is called.

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Method Summary
 void close()
          The core is now done with the storage controller.
 void init(String settings)
          Initialises the object.
 void run()
          Run the storage controller.

Method Detail


void init(String settings)
          throws BaseException
Initialises the object. The BASE core calls this method immediatly after the object has been created. The contents and syntax of the settings string should be defined by the implementing class. It may for example be the path to another directory of information about how to connect to a remote FTP server.

settings - A string containing initialisation parameters
BaseException - If the parameters are invalid


void run()
         throws BaseException
Run the storage controller. It should:



void close()
The core is now done with the storage controller. Clean up and close.

2.17.2: 2011-06-17