2.17.2: 2011-06-17

Class QueryRuntimeFilterFactory.AnnotatableFilter

  extended by net.sf.basedb.core.QueryRuntimeFilterFactory.AnnotatableFilter
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private static class QueryRuntimeFilterFactory.AnnotatableFilter
extends Object
implements QueryRuntimeFilter

A required filter for Annotatable items. The filter checks the query for the Include.ANNOTATED and Include.NOT_ANNOTATED options and enabled the isAnnotated filter if neccessary. If none of the options are set this is the same as if both options are set.


Constructor Summary
private QueryRuntimeFilterFactory.AnnotatableFilter()
Method Summary
 void enableFilters(QueryRuntimeFilterManager manager, EntityQuery query, DbControl dc)
          Enable the filters based on the options specified by the query and the logged in users permissions.
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Constructor Detail


private QueryRuntimeFilterFactory.AnnotatableFilter()
Method Detail


public void enableFilters(QueryRuntimeFilterManager manager,
                          EntityQuery query,
                          DbControl dc)
Description copied from interface: QueryRuntimeFilter
Enable the filters based on the options specified by the query and the logged in users permissions. Implementors should use the manager to enable the filters, not the HibernateUtil.enableFilter() method. The manager keeps track of already enabled filters and also takes care of disabling all filters after the query has been executed.

Specified by:
enableFilters in interface QueryRuntimeFilter
manager - A manager that is used to actually enabled the filter
query - The query that is going to be executed, it is not possible to modify the query, the actual HQL may already have been generated
dc - The DbControl used for database access and permission checking

2.17.2: 2011-06-17