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Roles test

This test can be done either by running it automatically in a test program or by manually click your way through the web-client. Consult the detailed manuscript(old format) for manually doing the test or follow the instructions below for testing automatically.

Summary of the roles test procedure

  1. Always start with a fresh installation of BASE.
  2. The root user creates an administrator.
  3. The administrator creates more users and some global resources:
    • A group and three other users. Power user, regular user and guest.
    • File formats for importing reporters
    • Import reporters
  4. The power user creates item related to the project management:
    • A project
    • Protocols, one for each type of action: sampling, extraction, etc.
    • Hardware and software that are used in the project.
    • Annotation types for annotations used in the project.
    • File formats for importing plates, print maps and raw data
    • LIMS information - plate type, plates, array design, array batch and array slides.
  5. The user creates items related to an actual experiment:
    • Biomaterials: biosources, samples, extracts, etc.
    • Experiment: hybridizations, scans, images and raw bioassays
    • Import raw data
  6. Both the user and the guest then do some analysis:
    • Create a root bioassay set.
    • Filter the bioassay set.
    • Run a normalization plug-in.
    • Check the result by listing and plotting the data.

Run the role test-program

This will of course not test the web client, but are useful if one quickly needs to do parts of the test and then continue with, for example, the user or analysis tests on the web. The web-client is tested with the manually test described below.

The data files needed by the tests are NOT included in the subversion repository. The main reason is that they are too large, and that we don't have permission to make them publicly available for download. To get the test file you need to be a core developer. Read the instructions in the test data section on the developer information page, Test data section on the Base web site. The automated test programs require that file are placed (checked out) in the 'testdata' directory located in the BASE root directory. NOTE! Some test data files are bzip-compressed. These need to be uncompressed before they are uploaded to BASE.

To run the tests do the following:

  1. Compile the core and the test programs: ant main test.
  2. Change to the build/test/ directory.
  3. Run test programs: ./ roles <cmds>
    where <cmds> is one or more of the following:
    1. all: run all tests
    2. root: run the root user tests
    3. admin: run the administrator tests
    4. power: run the power user tests
    5. user: run the regular user tests
    6. guest: run the guest user tests

(each role-test, except root, requires that the test in the step before has been executed.)

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