Available tests

Performance test

This section defines a procedure for testing the performance of BASE. The intention is that BASE version 2 should be compared to BASE version 1 with respect to performance. The tests on a BASE version 1 server must be done by hand. For current BASE, there is a test program. The current test program includes the following steps:

  • Import raw data
  • Create a root bioassayset
  • Create a filtered bioassayset
  • Create a normalized bioassayset with LOWESS
  • Export bioassay sets to Serial and Matrix BASEfile formats and to MeV TDMS format

Run the test

Role test

This is for testing that the predefined roles can perform their work as intended. The main purpose is to weed out permission problems resulting from:

  • Incorrect permissions installed by installation program
  • Bugs in the permission handling in the core
  • Incorrect handling of permissions in the web client

The test procedure also tests that the basic functionality is working:

  • Creating items and linking them to other items
  • Defining import file formats
  • Importing array LIMS data
  • Importing and validating raw data against array LIMS data
  • Running analysis plug-ins
  • Using files instead of the database for storing data

Run the test

Feedback and bug reports

Please use the BASE developers mailing list (basedb-devel archive) for discussions about BASE. Please use the trac based reporting system for bug reports, enhancement ideas, and feature requests. More information at the feedback section of the BASE trac environment.

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