Class HistogramPlot.HistogramSeries

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private static class HistogramPlot.HistogramSeries extends Object implements Serializable
Collects information about one histogram series. Multiple series may be added to HistogramPlot.HistogramDataset which is then added to JFreeChart.
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    • HistogramSeries

      private HistogramSeries(String name, float[] xValues, float[] yValues, float binSize, HistogramPlot.YAggregate yAggregate, float xMin, float xMax)
      Create a new HistogramSeries.
      name - The name of the seris
      xValues - The x values
      yValues - The y values or null if no y values are used
      binSize - The bin size on the x axis
      yAggregate - What to show on the y axis
      xMin - The minimum x axis value or Float.NaN to let this method calculate it
      xMax - The maximum x axis value or Float.NaN to let this method calculate it
    • HistogramSeries

      private HistogramSeries(String name, HistogramPlot.HistogramSeries other, HistogramPlot.YAggregate yAggregate)
      Create a new HistogramSeries that is using data from another series. This is used by for example the high/low series which take it's data from the main series.
      name - The name of the series
      other - The other series
      yAggregate - HistogramPlot.YAggregate.HILOMAXMIN or HistogramPlot.YAggregate.HILOSTDEV
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    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getItemCount

      public int getItemCount()
    • getBin

      public HistogramPlot.HistogramBin getBin(int index)
    • getMaxY

      public float getMaxY(int index)
    • getMinY

      public float getMinY(int index)