Interface FilenameGenerator<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractFilenameGenerator, SequenceFilenameGenerator, SuggestedFilenameGenerator

public interface FilenameGenerator<T>
File name generators are used together with DataWriterFactory implementations to generate file names for BFS data files.
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    String getNextFilename​(T owner, String suggestedFilename)
    Get the next file name.
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    • getNextFilename

      String getNextFilename​(T owner, String suggestedFilename)
      Get the next file name. This method should never return the same file name more than one time (given a single implementor instance). The generator implementation should not concern itself with the underlying file system or if the file already exists or not (this is a task for the DataWriterFactory implementation).
      owner - The owner of the data in the file
      suggestedFilename - A default suggested file name (can be null)
      A unique file name