Class SequenceFilenameGenerator

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public class SequenceFilenameGenerator extends Object implements FilenameGenerator<Object>
File name generator implementation that generates file names using a simple numerical counter. It is possible to give a prexix and/or suffix. For example, with prefix="file-" and suffix=".txt", the following file sequence is generated: file-1.txt, file-2.txt, file-3.txt This generator completely ignores the owner and suggested file names.
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  • Field Details

    • prefix

      private String prefix
    • suffix

      private String suffix
    • nextFileNum

      private int nextFileNum
  • Constructor Details

    • SequenceFilenameGenerator

      public SequenceFilenameGenerator()
      Create a new sequence file name generator. No prefix or suffix are used and the sequence starts at 1.
    • SequenceFilenameGenerator

      public SequenceFilenameGenerator(String prefix, String suffix, int firstFileNum)
      Create a new sequence file name generator.
      prefix - The prefix to use
      suffix - The suffix to use
      firstFileNum - The sequence number of the first file
  • Method Details

    • getNextFilename

      public String getNextFilename(Object owner, String suggestedFilename)
      Description copied from interface: FilenameGenerator
      Get the next file name. This method should never return the same file name more than one time (given a single implementor instance). The generator implementation should not concern itself with the underlying file system or if the file already exists or not (this is a task for the DataWriterFactory implementation).
      Specified by:
      getNextFilename in interface FilenameGenerator<Object>
      owner - The owner of the data in the file
      suggestedFilename - A default suggested file name (can be null)
      A unique file name
    • getPrefix

      public String getPrefix()
      Get the prefix that is used for file name generation.
      The prefix or null if no prefix was given
    • setPrefix

      public void setPrefix(String prefix)
      Set the prefix that is used for file name generation.
      prefix - The prefix or null to not use a prefix
    • getSuffix

      public String getSuffix()
      Get the suffix that is used for file name generation.
      The suffix or null if no suffix was given
    • setSuffix

      public void setSuffix(String suffix)
      Set the suffix that is used for file name generation.
      suffix - The suffix or null to not use a suffix
    • getNextFileNumber

      public int getNextFileNumber()
      Get the next file number. This counter is increased for each file that is generated (eg. each time getNextFilename(Object, String) is called.