Class SampleImporter

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoDetectingImporter, InteractivePlugin, Plugin, SignalTarget, ConfigureByExample

public class SampleImporter
extends AbstractItemImporter<Sample>
Plug-in for importing sample items in a batch. The plug-in can create new items and updated existing items.
Last modified
$Date: 2021-12-09 13:52:23 +0100 (Thu, 09 Dec 2021) $
  • Field Details

    • guiContexts

      private static final Set<GuiContext> guiContexts
    • createdColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> createdColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the sample creation date.
    • originalQuantityColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> originalQuantityColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the original quantity.
    • parentTypeColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> parentTypeColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the parent type.
    • parentColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> parentColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the parent (biosource OR sample)
    • usedQuantityColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> usedQuantityColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the used quantity from the parent.
    • bioPlateColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> bioPlateColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the bioplate
    • bioWellRowColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> bioWellRowColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the biowell's row
    • bioWellColColumnMapping

      protected static final PluginParameter<String> bioWellColColumnMapping
      Column mapping parameter for the biowell's column
    • nameMapper

      private Mapper nameMapper
    • descriptionMapper

      private Mapper descriptionMapper
    • externalIdMapper

      private Mapper externalIdMapper
    • originalQuantityMapper

      private Mapper originalQuantityMapper
    • createdMapper

      private Mapper createdMapper
    • registeredMapper

      private Mapper registeredMapper
    • protocolMapper

      private Mapper protocolMapper
    • kitMapper

      private Mapper kitMapper
    • defaultPrototolFunction

      private DefaultItemFunction<Protocol> defaultPrototolFunction
    • parentTypeMapper

      private Mapper parentTypeMapper
    • parentMapper

      private Mapper parentMapper
    • usedQuantityMapper

      private UsedQuantityMapper usedQuantityMapper
    • bioPlateMapper

      private Mapper bioPlateMapper
    • bioWellRowMapper

      private Mapper bioWellRowMapper
    • bioWellColMapper

      private Mapper bioWellColMapper
  • Constructor Details

    • SampleImporter

      public SampleImporter()
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